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"Suncammer" Modifications
  1. Hood ornament removed
  2. Hood pancaked
  3. Hood peaked
  4. Hood drooped 5/8"
  5. Hood front edge reworked. Removed flat front and extended front to bottom.
  6. Hood under bracing changed and made inner metal support/closer
  7. Hood under side finished
  8. Hood edges filled and smoothed
  9. Hood latch moved from center to custom pivot bar
  10. Air dam or cover, built between grill and core support
  11. New core support
  12. Core support covered
  13. Hood latch moved from center, to two in the core support
  14. Radiator changed from vertical flow to cross flow
  15. Radiator made with two build-in electric water pumps
  16. Return water line concealed in firewall and passenger side inner fender
  17. New inter-fenders
  18. Hood hinges enclosed
  19. New custom hood hinge arms
  20. Changed from hood springs to air cylinders
  21. New firewall, moved back 2 ½" and shaped to fix engine
  22. Reshaped grill opening
  23. Custom built grill
  24. Custom air intake and park light built into the grill
  25. Custom (hand made) grill trim
  26. Bumper opening changed
  27. New custom front bumper with tucked ends
  28. New upper splash panel and lower splash panel built
  29. Front fenders:
    1. drooped 1 ½"
    2. repeaked
    3. front lowers extended for new grill
    4. side reveals reworked to make softer (cut out and new ones built)
    5. wheel openings reworked (made smaller and reshaped)
    6. lower front added 5" to fit new bumper
    7. finished on the inside
    8. pot-metal extensions removed and new metal built into fenders
  30. Complete new front inter-fenders and splash guards
  31. A-pillar leaned back (2" at the top, bottom mover forward and chopped 1 5/8")
  32. A-pillar trim reshaped
  33. Major custom made outer and inter rocker panels and body mounts
  34. All spot welds and pinch welds removed
  35. Complete new custom floors and bracing
  36. Outside door handles removed
  37. Custom side trim (about ¾ size of original)
  38. Wing window removed
  39. Window glass trim reworked
  40. Garish moldings reworked
  41. Built custom metal package tray/top well cover
  42. Re-contoured convertible top
  43. Top rear glass is real glass
  44. Removed chrome trim on top at top of windshield
  45. Doors sectioned, widened and inter structures reworked
  46. Vend windows removed
  47. Added more radius to bottom rear of doors
  48. Door jams reworked and smoothed
  49. New doorsills built
  50. Door latches moved from top of door to middle of the door
  51. Door hinges smoothed
  52. Rear fenders:
    1. side reveals reworked to make softer by cutting out and making new ones
    2. side reveals lengthened into doors
    3. repeaked
    4. wheel opening reworked
    5. rear lower extended and built to fit new bumper
    6. rear lower reshaped to fit new filler panel
    7. reworked rear to fit new taillight housings (seal removed and reworked fenders to fix new custom taillights)
    8. finished on the inside
  53. Complete new rear wheel tubs
  54. New reshaped rear filler panel
  55. License tag lowers out of new filler panel
  56. New rear bumper with tucked ends
  57. Spine or peak added to trunk
  58. Removed emblem and mechanical lock (installed electric lock)
  59. Trunk edges reworked and smoothed
  60. Custom one-peace taillight housings (with trunk release built-in to one)
  61. Custom top lens with led lights
  62. Custom taillight lens', trim and plating
  63. Complete new tube chassis with longer wheelbase
  64. Belly pans added (all pans flush mounted by adding flushing plates to frame)
  65. Dash reworked, filled, smoothed and reveal extended
  66. Custom trim added to dash
  67. Steering column mount and column changed
  68. Custom steering wheel (hand made)
  69. Custom instrument panel
  70. Custom front seats
  71. Rear seat hand-made
  72. Custom leather interior
  73. Nickel plated hand-made brass interior trim
  74. Custom hand made top with liner and glass rear window
  75. Engine changed to an Original Ford 427 SOHC Cammer
  76. Rear axle changed to Tiger quick change
  77. Four bars, panhard bar, bolts and nuts custom machined
  78. Brakes changed to Baer six piston calipers with custom machined mounts and rotors (14" dia. fronts and 16" dia. rears)
  79. Front suspension eyebolts and mounting bolts all custom machined stainless steel
  80. Body mounting bolts all custom machined stainless steel
  81. Custom machined stainless steel 12 point nuts thru out engine and chassis
  82. All polished stainless bolts and nuts are heat-treated to match the color of the nickel plating